Fort Collins Police Services

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Client: City of Fort Collins; Neenan, Humphries-Poli Architects

Project Type: Civic Facility

Size: 10.97 Acres, 97,000 square feet

Services Provided: Site Planning, Entitlement Processing, Landscape Architecture, Graphic Design

Status: Complete

The Good Stuff: The client's goal for the Police Facility was the operation of typical police facilities and the associated functional requirements. Special conditions requested by the client included creating a LEED-certified facility with a minimum rating of Silver, addressing building orientation and creation of public spaces, with a clear separation between public unsecured areas and the private secured areas that addresses both the security and safety needs of the staff.

Civic facilities such as the new Police Services provide an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the benefits and beauty of creating appropriate landscaping for Colorado's unique climate on a large-scale project that will be seen and enjoyed by many people. Our design applies the principles of xeriscape, creating a hardy and easy to maintain landscape, while providing beauty and year round visual interest and color.

The landscape plan incorporates both native and drought tolerant plant material wherever possible, but more importantly, divides the landscape into zones by usage. Extensively used areas include more intensive landscaping, with irrigated turf areas limited to the park area, street parkways and a few other key visual areas. Other open areas are vegetated with native dryland grasses such as buffalo grass and blue grama grasses. Shrub and perennial beds are planted with a mix of native plants, drought tolerant shrubs and perennials and ornamental grasses.


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