The Highlands at Devils Thumb

Location: Delta, CO

Client: Delta Golf Partnership

Project Type: Single Family Residential

Size: 260 acres

Services Provided: Site Planning, Landscape Architecture, Graphic Design

Status: Ongoing

The Good Stuff: Vignette Studios has provided several visioning studies for this new community located in picturesque Delta, Colorado. This project is comprised of several different parcels that are related, yet unique from each other. The largest of the parcels provides for a mix of residential and commercial uses creating a new town hub for western Delta. The concept is to provide for a higher density residential development in close proximity to the commercial center, feathering out to lower densities. Approximately 45 acres of commercial and 300 units are proposed.

The upper parcel is located along the Devils Thumb Golf Course and overlooks the whole valley down below. This community is visioned to capitalize on the golf course and views, yet preserve the existing arroyos and drainage patterns, providing a very unique project in Western Colorado Approximately 350 units are proposed.


Highlands at Devils Thumb Highlands at Devils Thumb Highlands at Devils Thumb Highlands at Devils Thumb